Where in the world is tony?

In the summer Tony will come back to Europe. We are very happy about this and soon there will be Workshops again, so that he can "do his mischief" on different racetracks again. ☺


We are currently planning the workshops. The first dates have already been set, further dates will follow.

June 17th 2023

Öxabäck, Sweden, Workshop 1

June 29th - July 2nd 2023

Kristianstad, Sweden, Coursing World Championships

July 14th 2023

Hünstetten, Germany, Workshop 1

July 15th 2023

Hünstetten, Germany, Workshop 2

July 16th 2023

Hünstetten, Germany, Dogchecking

July 22nd 2023

Hünstetten, Germany, Workshop 3

July 23rd 2023

Hünstetten, Germany, Workshop 4

July 29th and 30th 2023

Hildesheim, Germany, Dogchecking

August 5th 2023

Hildesheim, Germany, Workshop 1

August 6th 2023

Hildesheim, Germany, Workshop 2

August 7th 2023

Hamburg, Germany, Workshop 1

August 8th 2023

Hamburg, Germany, Workshop 2

August 9th 2023

Hamburg, Germany, Workshop 3

August 10th 2023

Hamburg, Germany, Workshop 4

August 19th 2023

Zehlendorf, Germany, Dogchecking

August 26th 2023

Zehlendorf, Germany, Workshop 2

August 27th 2023

Zehlendorf, Germany, Workshop 3


Jasmin Hochfeld (PA Tony Gallagher)

T. +49 172 659 27 04


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