Here you can find some feedback from Tony's students and dog owners, whom he has helped. If you would like to submit such a review yourself, just use our contact form or simply write an e-mail to jasmin@tonygallagheruniversity.com.

Corinna Schuchmann Germany

I have only known Tony for one year, but during that time I not only learned from a great greyhound consultant, but also found a good friend. He taught me that every dog has its own story, which you can feel by checking its physical condition and that the dog wants to tell us what is wrong with it. Thank you for encouraging me to go this path and for showing me how good it feels to have actually helped a dog getting better. And thank you for reminding me that life is about doing what you love and not just living.



Lars Kringel Germany

Tony has taught me so much about finding out if a dog is in pain. It impresses me that he just wants to help dogs. He is one of the most amazing people and one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

Heidi Schauerhammer Germany

A Sighthound is not only a dog,

                       he is a Soul on four Paws.

Hello dear Tony,

it was fortunate for me to have been part of your Workshop. Your huge wealth of experience and your practical knowledge were very impressive. But especially you have impressed me as a human being. Warm, friendly, humorous and uncomplicated. I wish you a successful year and many, many dogs that will get better with your knowledge. Stay healthy! I'm looking forward to next year.
Many warm regards

Annette Kupke-Sauter Germany
Tony ... for more than 20 years ... my guru my friend my teacher my mentor. He has always been standing at my side with advice and support for my dogs, because you can never stop learning. Mercie, that you are there.



Tanja Foehrenbach Germany
One of the best Workshops I have ever been to! Thank you so much.


Fabienne Rall Switzerland

Fantastic work and a great Workshop, Tony! Thank you for all your support!

Pamela Dodd Scotland
The advice and skills that Tony shared with me and taught me are something you can not buy with money. He is the most fascinating person I encountered in life. His knowledge of dogs I can only describe as amazing. I have asked him for help with my dogs many times and I can honestly say that his advice was never wrong. He taught me life skills that always accompany me. Although I believe I will never get the knowledge that he has, I honestly believe that he taught me most of what I know today and made me what I am today. My enthusiasm and my love for greyhounds, as well as my knowledge, continue to grow.


Gary Harding Ireland
I have known Tony since 1994, he has checked my dogs for lameness and other problems. He has been a big help to me in raising and whelping the greyhounds I was taking care of. Also at Blue Merlen winners of 3 groups 1 race, Tony was there to help with any problems.

Christine Parker West Yorkshire, England

Tony Gallagher is a "Top Bloke". He has been checking my dogs for more then 10 years now and helps them to stay on track and injury free. It is he whom I ask first, whenever I discover something unusual (in my dogs) and am not sure or do not know what it is. He always seems to have the answers. In addition I have learned a lot from him within the last years, solely by him checking my dogs regularely. Besides he is always ready and friendly to explain everything exactly which I find really reassuring.


Jasmin Hochfeld (PA Tony Gallagher)

T. +49 172 659 27 04


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