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Tony Gallagher at the race track at Neuer Höltigbaum in Hamburg-Rahlstedt


Tony Gallagher


Tony Gallagher was born in Australia and has been involved with greyhounds for 50 years.

His introduction to the sport of greyhound racing was at a very young age through his grandparents and his »education« continued via his uncles, aunts and cousins who all owned greyhounds.

By growing up with these magnificent dogs Tony gained valuable experience, knowledge and skills that enable him to be invited around the world. He has been travelling the world for the last 25 years helping owners and dogs. Some of his achievements have been helping trainers, owners and of course dogs win the Irish, English and Scottish Derby as well as many European championships in all breeds of sighthounds.
Tony has been to Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Russia, the Czech Republic and the United States to visit sighthounds, their owners, trainers, breeders, physiotherapists, to help veterinarians and students. His love and passion to help dogs is growing as well as his ability and knowledge with every new owner and dog he meets on his way.



Since 2024, the Workshops are no longer being taught by Tony Gallagher personally, but by his Personal Assistant and Instructor Jasmin Hochfeld. Unfortunately, Tony has retired.



Jasmin Hochfeld (PA Tony Gallagher)

T. +49 172 659 27 04


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