Jasmin Hochfeld

Jasmin Hochfeld was born in Hamburg and has been running her mobile practice Equusworld since 2015. She is a physiotherapist, chiropractor and alternative practitioner for dogs, horses and cats and additionally offers the training of young and problem horses. In the meantime, she lives in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, from where she drives to her patients.


Since June 2017 she is also the German Personal Assistant to Tony Gallagher. She is responsible for the administration of this website, she is co-responsible for the organization of the Workshops and has compiled the handouts for this purpose. Locally, she teaches together with Tony and interprets the Workshops in Northern Germany.


She has completed all Tony Gallagher Workshops and is very good at detecting injuries to dogs, cats and horses.

Contact: | | + 49 172 659 27 04


Jasmin Hochfeld (PA Tony Gallagher)

T. +49 172 659 27 04

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